Riolo Association

Float Name: Is history repeating?

The Mediterranean Sea is a real bridge among territories, cradle of some of the most ancient civilities.
First, the Roman Empire unified the Mediterranean area thanks to its conquests , calling it Mare Nostrum ?? Our Sea ?? represented on the float inside the Colosseum, stage of the sea battles called Naumachie. Nowadays this sea is continually crossed by the disembarks of migrants, presented as an ancient Roman ship in the float, escaping from hunger and war. They face an infernal trip on board of rudimentary crafts, guided by the hope of a new life.

The singing Siren, known as an ambiguous but fascinating character, attract migrants by her pleasing sing and, sometimes, kill them. She??s a metaphor of the trip full of uncertainty…
Italy and Europe are still searching for a solution to the worrying matter. As well as many centuries ago, people escaped from the northern lands to a new promised land under the Roman Empire. It was a source of success for the Emperor, just before the great disaster due to corruption and a bad management of the issue.

However, we can find out a good lesson from this event:
??Immigration is a precious resource when it??s managed by right and defined rules, as well as a society can crash if doesn??t hold on it. Barbarian migrants wanted to begin Roman, but the decline started when Goths decided to try to replace Roman.??