Giada Association

Float Name: The Legendary Greece

The Giada Association depicts one of the most ancient people of the Mediterranean area: the Greeks. The Greek culture has been strongly influenced by the mythology about the world origins with its several Gods, heroes and fantastic creatures.
Every face of the Greek life had a religious meaning, such as Tyche Goddess standing in the center of this float. She was the symbol of personification and luck, she was believed to choose the destiny of cities. That??s why she has city walls on her crown and a cornucopia in her hands, as symbol of abundance and providence. In the lowest side of the float, we can find the famous hero of Iliad: Achilles, underlining how important was literature for Greek culture. The adventures were written and played in theatre, with wonderful masks made of terracotta for days of celebration (one of these is represented in the back of the float) and verses with musical accompaniment.

In the ancient Greece, music had a very important role for social and religious life. It was considered to embrace poetry, medicine and many others magical practices.
On the right side of the float, we can see the lyre, one of the most common instruments, sacred for the God Apollo. On the left side we find an amphora, testifying the art of ceramic and its top level during the Greek age. In fact, the Greek art strongly influenced many geographic areas from ancient world to the present, especially in the architecture field. The temples and the columns in the three orders – dorico, ionico and corinzio ?? are central in the Mediterranean world. So, these elements have a great role in this float.